Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Aus Dresden

Between terms and marking sessions i find myself in Dresden for a few days, completely fascinated by the diversity of its architecture, the cultural atmosphere, the sheer accomplishment et c. All these things that one encounters in the guide books and the history books. Of course, I steered clear from all the baroque, spent many hours walking around identifying buildings in which i could rent an apartment in another lifetime, saw a Chris Niedenthal photography exhibition and spent many hours at cafes, having coffee and aperol spritz. And thanks to a very patient and helpful bookstore owner, i will be going home with some of Dresden's new writing -literally- voices of the Sax Royal Reading Stage. Stefan Seyfarth is one. (By the way, i read somewhere that the average age in Dresden is 46...)

sieh nicht nach vorn
sieh nicht zurück
bleibe im jetzt
genieß und pflück
dir das was schmeckt
friss einfach rein
der rest der kommt
von ganz allein.